The Rapid Prototyping Center in the Mount Sinai Institute of Technology offers many services for projects in every stage of development. Whether a researcher is just beginning a project and would like manufacturing advice and consultation, or if a startup company is looking to produce a late-stage prototype, the RPC has the capacity to assist with all of these needs.


The RPC has access to a full suite of 2D and 3D CAD softwares including SolidWorks, MasterCam, Seg3D, Netfabb, and PCB design software. RPC engineers can help take a design from concept to model or work with preexisting CAD designs to produce models that are well suited for 3D printing, CNC milling, or laser cutting/etching. The RPC also has the capacity to work with medical imaging data in order to produce anatomically accurate models to be used for surgical planning or medical teaching.


With an assortment of manufacturing technologies, including computerized mills, 3D printers, laser-cutting, PDMS casting, and a more traditional collection of hand and power-tools, the RPC is well-equipped to produce prototypes of devices at every stage of development. From primary models to test form and fit up to and including final prototypes before large-scale production, the RPC has the technologies and staff to handle-in house production. We are also available for researchers looking to make a new or improved custom part for their existing research equipment. The 3D printing and manufacturing technologies available in the RPC allow for the seamless transition of prototypes from early conceptual stages to fully realized products, with prototyping managers available to advise on the most effective technologies available for each stage.


We welcome any inquiries regarding our capabilities and whether they would be suitable for your project. We are able to collaborate with to researchers and entrepreneurs from Mount Sinai and other outside organizations. Please visit the Contact page to fill out application if interested in working with RPC on your project.